Industry Leading Stretch Film Banding Equipment.
Designed and Manufactured in the USA

About the Company

Controls Engineering is the leader in stretch film banding.

What we have done, and continue to do, is to take a fresh approach to banding and RETHINK how we can provide a value and resource to the packaging industry. 

CE is dedicated to driving Smarter Packaging Solutions. Safe for your products as well as the environment.

We look not only at banding material savings but also reductions in labor, increased production speeds and the elimination of redundant handling. All to help create the most valuable solution for our customers. 

CE has also developed the widest range of environmentally friendly film:100% recyclable LLDPE stretch film, as well as food grade film and even biodegradable films.

Whether you need a semi-automated banding solution or a fully automated system, CE has the products to exceed even the highest level of expectations.

Contact CE today to discuss your specific project today! 

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